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Pam Duronio   &   Tim Stemper

Where voice & guitar meet with a most unique interpretation of today's jazz

Pam and Tim knew when they first met that they had a lot in common. Pam loved singing and exploring new musical territory, and Tim loved to accompany her with a rich blanket of guitar chords punctuated by alternating bass and melody lines. You can sense the musical passion when you hear their artistic interpretations.

Originally from West Seneca, New York, Pam started singing as a teenager in various R&B, Soul and Mainstream venues while also studying classical singing and drums. During this period, she was introduced to recordings by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and other legendary jazz vocalists, whom she greatly admired. Their scat singing and vocal nuances presented new options for Pam. You will hear a blend of all these influences flowing throughout her singing while she maintains her own unique vocal style and expression.

As a young boy, Tim studied guitar privately and became a professional musician in his teens playing in and near his home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His diverse exposures range from Don Momblow, Howard Roberts and Johnny Smith to Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana & others. Tim has a keen sense for rhythm and even became adept at playing hand drums.

After working together in Milwaukee, Pam and Tim performed throughout the U.S. and Caribbean as well as various Milwaukee venues. They eventually settled in Milwaukee. Coincidentally, both came from families of home building and real estate. They began a real estate brokerage called Shelter Real Estate while continuing to perform their music. 

You'll see on their calendar that Pam & Tim work often as a trio with the very talented Warren Wiegratz in a lively & contemporary jazzpop bossasamba music ensemble called VIVO. Although Warren is famous for his saxophone work, he is also playing his flute & melodica in this trio, lending a very international flair to some of the Spanish, Portuguese & French songs that Pam likes to sing. For many concert, club & private party dates, the three are joined by bass & drums, which is then titled VIVO RIO.

 They like their CDs to be as true to live performances as possible. 'All is Calm' and 'Better Than Anything', are duo recordings. VIVO has recorded their first CD, 'on the sunny side' which is now available at VIVO's performance venues or on the order page of this site.


Contact:  info@PamAndTim.com

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